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Natalina Teaches you How to Cook Like an Italian in Your Kitchen.

Natalina’s created a step-by-step instructional course that will get you cooking like an Italian Mamma in no time! Developed with insights from teaching hundreds of students in her hands-on Cooking School, she will teach you how easy it is to prepare delicious Italian Classics in your kitchen.

30 Plus Recipes

Each recipe has downloadable Ingredients and Equipment Lists, Full of instructions and Natalina also includes some alternatives for creating some recipes with different ingredients to change their flavour profiles.

18 Step-By-Step
Video Recipe Lessons

Natalina’s Home Kitchen becomes your personal classroom. She teaches you the techniques & tips for creating delicious Classic Italian Favourites. You press play and stop as you need to and follow along with your own personal teacher.

Bonus Recipes and Learning Materials

Natalina provides extra recipes within each course, including learning materials such as selecting top quality ingredients, complete menu plans and timing schedules for each course and throughout the entire program. All materials are Downloadable and Printable.

Classic Italian Program

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Family Favorites

$50 + applicable taxes
  • Who doesn’t love pasta with meatballs? Natalina’s Southern Italian, family recipe! Substitute dry pasta to save time and effort or omit the meatballs for a classic tomato, sausage sauce!
  • Menu Includes: Antipasto- Basil pesto & goat’s cheese crostini; Basil Pesto, Primo – Fresh egg pasta, fettucine; Secondo – Meatballs & sausage sauce; Dolce – Panna cotta with blueberry compote.

Simple and Elegant

$50 + applicable taxes
  • This menu can easily be adapted to Gluten Free with the simple substitution of GF flour in the Antipasto and Secondo. The Primo and Dolce are naturally GF.
  • Menu Includes: Antipasto – Fried Wild Mushrooms with Vincotto or Balsamic Glaze; Primo – Squash Risotto / Asparagus Risotto / Mushroom Risotto; Secondo – Chicken or Veal Marsala with Sage & Mushrooms; Dolce – Amaretti Stuffed Peaches.

Light and Delicious

$50 + applicable taxes
  • This menu is great to serve a crowd and makes a wonderful contribution for a buffet and is naturally vegetarian. The pasta can be assembled ahead and baked just before serving. This light menu is great to serve a crowd or non-meat eaters.
  • Menu Includes: Antipasto – Baby greens with balsamic soaked figs, goat’s cheese & pine nut; Primo – Ricotta & spinach stuffed pasta shells; Tomato Basil Sauce; Secondo – Baked salmon with fennel; Dolce – Venetian rice pudding with Marsala soaked figs.

Cozy and Casual

$50 + applicable taxes
  • Classic minestrone and chicken parmigiana! Omit the pancetta in the soup, substitute eggplant parmigiana and you have a delicious, naturally meatless menu!
  • Menu Includes: Antipasto – Bruschetta; Primo – Milanese minestrone with rice; Tomato, basil sauce; Secondo – Chicken Parmigiana / Eggplant parmigiana; Contorno – Rapini with chillies & garlic; Dolce – Affogato.

Italian Comfort

$50 + applicable taxes
  • Learn all the secrets of light and fluffy gnocchi! Use the sauce from the beef to dress the gnocchi and serve it the traditional way with a first and second course… Or simply use your gnocchi as your “starch” with meat & vegetables to create a classic entrée.
  • Menu Includes: Antipasto – Classic Caprese salad; Primo – Classic Potato gnocchi; Secondo – Italian Braised beef in red wine with wild mushrooms; Contorno – Roasted root vegetables; Dolce – Zabaglione with fruit.

Classic Italian Course

$150 + applicable taxes
  • Purchase the Complete Classic Italian course and get all 5 Menus. Receive a FREE special Bonus Menu not available for purchase! The Casual Lunch Bonus Menu includes 4 recipes and 2 additional instructional videos.
  • Menu Includes: Antipasto – Fennel & blood orange salad; Primo – Pan Pizza with Basil Pesto and Cheese; Pizza sauce; Basil Pesto.

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